Dynamic Biofeedback Services

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      Ergonomic Services


On-site workstation assessment includes evaluation of workstation design based on anthropomorphic data and work tasks. Work flow, work technique, and relevant factors are addressed. Education regarding ergonomic principles is embedded in the process.


Walk-through evaluations address workstation needs for multiple individuals in a company and provide recommendations for each individual if indicated. This can be combined with a Safety Class providing information to the workgroup regarding risk factors, injury prevention and work technique. Tasks that are frequently performed will be emphasized.


Safety Classes may be provided as a stand alone service.


On-site ergonomic training with biofeedback can be provided for an individual who has had an ergonomic assessment but has on-going or worsening symptoms. This process enables the employee to identify problematic factors and modify work practices to reduce symptoms as directed by biofeedback.


Workstation assessments with biofeedback use physiological data to identify workstation factors that can be altered to reduce excessive muscle effort. This includes work surface heights/angles, posture, pacing, equipment needs or placement, and work habits.


Ergonomic Labs use physiological data of muscle work and distal circulation to evaluate equipment fit, work surface heights, work positions, and the value of alternative work practices in a two hour assessment.