Dynamic Biofeedback Services

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      Biofeedback training is similar to looking into a mirror to see what is happening inside of you.  It gives you an opportunity to change habits that increase or lower tension in your body.


      A proactive use of biofeedback involves self-regulation training to enhance well being and reduce or change physiological habits that contribute to “wear and tear” on your body.


      As we all look forward to a longer lifespan, the efforts we make to be healthy can be enhanced by self-regulation training.


      Positive effects of biofeedback-assisted relaxation includes reduction of physical responses to stress, improved sleep patterns, and increased concentration skills.  The latter may be particularly helpful for practice of relaxation or meditation.


      During a state of lowered arousal (relaxation), blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, blood sugar, and stress hormones such as cortisol decrease.  At the same time, immune function, endorphin production, and circulation to hands and feet increase when you relax.  Cortisol has been found to play a role in Type II diabetes high blood pleasure and Alzheimer's disease.


      Resiliency, your ability to tolerate stress and keep going, is enhanced by relaxation skills and self-regulation strategies.  Mastery through practice of quick relaxation strategies allows you to remain in a state of lower arousal over time. This helps you reduce the physiological effects of stress while providing you with more means of coping with life events. In some cases, the adjunctive techniques you may learn will empower you to exert more control over your circumstances.