Dynamic Biofeedback Services

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Biofeedback is a self discovery and learning experience presenting physiological information to you the user/trainee for the purpose of increasing self-control.  Non-invasive sensors are used to measure ongoing physiological data such as muscle activity, skin temperature, heart rate, or respiratory style and rate.

This information is displayed on a computer screen, or in some cases an audio signal, that describes biological changes to you the as they occur.


The learning process includes three steps.


First, the you develop a greater awareness of physiological changes that are recognizable based on internal sensations or cues.


Second, you practices ancillary techniques to develop new levels of physical self control (relaxing or recruiting muscles, or warming hands).


The third phase is self-regulation in which you can alter or control biological activity as desired based on self-awareness (independent from feedback).


Dynamic biofeedback incorporates these stages and continues beyond this level of basic training to promote self-regulation during movement.  This process may focus on changing basic movement habits or may relate to how a task is performed.  Education of physiology, self control strategies, body mechanics, and ergonomics principles may be included with biofeedback training. 




                          Enhanced self-control and well-being

                          Reduction of pain and tension

                          Increased function and comfort simultaneously

                          Increased knowledge of physiology, ergonomic principles, body mechanics,                           and stress reduction skills.