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KATHRYN BENDER is a Nationally Certified Biofeedback Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience working in multi-disciplinary treatment centers with individuals experiencing chronic pain from musculoskeletal and nerve injuries.


She specializes in developing and implementing individualized training protocols with the long-term focus on regaining function and reducing symptoms through work style changes.


Many of the dynamic protocols have been developed in conjunction with occupational, physical, and certified hand therapists during multi-disciplinary treatment.


Ms. Bender has provided dynamic and workstation biofeedback courses for continuing education for physical and occupational therapists, agronomists, industrial hygienists, rehabilitation nurses, and vocational counselors as well as for other biofeedback specialists.


On-site biofeedback and work style education classes have been presented to work groups as well.


The Ergonomics Lab is utilized by the Certified Associate Ergonomists and Occupational Therapists of Workstation Ergonomics, as well as for biofeedback training. Combined laboratory evaluations with the expertise of these therapists and biofeedback are available.


For more information regarding Workstation Ergonomics, click on the link or go to www.WSErgonomics.com