Dynamic Biofeedback Services

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Stress Management


Stress is a component of all aspects of life, even the good things such as vacations, promotions, and becoming a parent.


The goal in stress management is to reduce the effects of stress by learning to reduce your body’s response to stress.  Stress reduction strategies are used in conjunction with relaxation to change your experience of life events.


Biofeedback shows your body’s responses to stress if you talk about or think about the things that upset you. By learning relaxation skills and then practicing them as you focus on stressors, you can change your body’s habitual reactivity.


Additional techniques such as time management, proactive behavior, and optimal performance imagery minimize the overall impact of potentially stressful events in the present and the future.


Biofeedback training may include muscle relaxation, breath control, hand warming, or HeartMath (a technique to produce a feeling of inner calm by co-regulating breath & heart rate variability).  Self-regulation occurs when you use these skills independently to reduce your mental and physical responses to stress.