Dynamic Biofeedback Services

Serving the Greater Bay Area

On-Site Biofeedback


You can be seen in your workstation when the employer is supportive of this plan. Portable biofeedback devices are most commonly used to allow complete freedom of movement.


Benefits of on-site biofeedback include adjustment of work surfaces, practice of work style modifications with feedback, (often an audio signal although visual feedback is also available), and identification of any other factors that may add to work strain.  The feedback information describes biological changes to you as they occur to facilitate development of a “low-effort” work style.  This also provides an opportunity to practice pacing and stress reduction with feedback in the workplace.


Dynamic biofeedback incorporates the steps of enhanced self-awareness, increased physiological “skill”, and independent self regulation with modifications in movement patterns and work habits. Posture during task performance is an integral component of muscle effort in many cases and is often important in reducing overall strain. Your workstation may be reconfigured to reduce reaching distances, support and improve posture, and to improve work flow




·       Enhanced self awareness and self-monitoring skills

·       Changes in work habits to reduce pain and tension

·       Modifications in work set-up to reduce musculoskeletal strain

·       Increased levels of function and comfort simultaneously  

·       Increased knowledge of physiology, ergonomic principles, body mechanics,                and stress reduction skills.     



An educational class on work technique is available for groups of employees. Small groups of 3 or 4 can work with portable EMG feedback simultaneously.